Saturday, September 3, 2011

Days 9-24: yes I'm still here and still truckin'

Hi world!

The family and I have been moving into our new home for the past two weeks. That means I am all consumed with our house, unpacking, and minor details important to an obsessive comparative person such as myself like decorated light switch covers. I have barely checked my Facebook, which really portrays the severity of the matter.

The past few weeks have been really hard. I have been abosultely exhausted and complete frazzled to have my life in a million pieces, nothing where it belongs, and trash and boxes everywhere. I know it's just things. Stuff. Possessions. I'm learning that those things are actually really really important to me and it bothers the hell out of me when they aren't in their designated places. I am a nester with a extremely strong need for a beautiful environment. The first week I stayed up til all hours with Eric unpacking. This week I am driving my self crazy with the precise placement of hanging pictures and fighting through bouts of exhaustion to get in tune with the feng shui of it all. I don't even know what that means.Yes, I have a bit of OCD and its a problem.

Remarkably I have not turned to booze and chocolate through it all. And lookie here, I only have a week left in my 30 days!I am very used to the routine now, and saying no to potatoes and corn chips and ice cream seems second nature. I am really looking forward to celebrating the end of the 30 days though. This isn't sustainable. I really miss wine at the end of the day. I can't pin down any changes in my body or mind. I don't weigh myself anymore so I have no idea if I have lost weight. It doesnt feel like I have. I didn't get into the gym once last week and I was feeling inhuman. I have made myself go in twice this week. Its been ages since I have run, I haven't searched out good places to go with the jogger near by. So normalcy is not quite where I am yet.But I am getting there.

I dont feel like eating super clean has cleared my mind much. Granted this is one of the most stressful times I could have chosen. My anxiety is through the roof and my back has been consistent causing me a ton of pain. Its very clear that I am ignoring the physical signs of my body in stress, not taking time to even stretch or do any mobility, Its so difficult for me to do anything that's not resulted to improving the state of this house. A regular yoga practice would save me. Add it to the to do list...

Finn is adjusting best all of, he makes it seem like no big thang. He has been enjoying the end of summer.

And hes walkin'!Yes he's Walkin'!

Some progression picture of the chaos... Its much better now, will have new pictures soon!

The first night we cooked.Check out my homemade chandelier!

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  1. You've been a real trooper darlin, through all the mess, chaos, and frustration. But you've made great progress in turning this house into our home, and I am already feeling it just being home for a couple of hours yet.

    Thanks for all of your hard work, and now it's my turn to get into it and make a huge mess. Oh wait, I mean clean up and get stuff done!

    And the house does look so much better than in these pictures, so get ready to be amazed with the transformation!

    Love you Strong Mama!