Monday, August 15, 2011

Days 4 and 5 - looking up

Yesterday I felt better.  I am settling into making good decisions about what to eat, and not feeling nearly as hungry-  mostly because I just eat when I am!  We took Eric to work, and spent the day doing fun stuff!

hiking with Finn in the woods. 

And frustrating not fun stuff

Picking out counter tops and sinks with unhelpful Lowes staff. 

Today was RAD because Robin arrived!  After a 4 day journey on a big ol' semi, she stepped off looking confused and curious, and very healthy.  She didn't lose much weight.  She has to be quarantined, separated from the other horses for 10 days.  We will be spending lots of time together and  getting her acquainted with her awesome new home.

After getting up at 4am!!! (which is crazy town for me, usually requiring the birth of a child), I napped with Finn for 4 hours. I'm feeling a lot less angry and less of an urge to constantly smash things and cry.  Hooray! And I finally made in into Charlottesville CrossFit, coached today by the 12 fittest women in the world, Gretchen K :)


  1. Lowes in C'ville has the WORST staff I've ever dealt with in any home improvement store. If you can find someone else to deal with, even driving to Lowes/Home Depot in Richmond/Harrisonburg, it might be worth it.

    Glad Robin made it - she'll adjust to the humidity, as will the rest of the fam :) Just in time for fall/winter!!

  2. Alex, I'm finding that insomnia, or at least "terminal" insomnia where you wake up too early can be caused by low blood sugar. I've been having some early and encouraging success making my last meal very late and including a double buttload of yams with coconut oil. Coconut oil tastes great and slows nutrient absorbtion so you get sustained glycogen while mitigating an insulin spike.